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Visitors' Feedback

Very truly a good site to immensely show the culture of punjab with the farmers tradition.

What a wonderful resource of information stored and provided by your website. I have enjoyed reading it and refreshing my memories of Baisakhi.I Wish all the diverse communities of the globe, a very Happy and Prosperous Baisakhi,
Baldev Singh Gill

This Baisakhi sms page is really very good. I am grateful to this site. By this site many send nice sms to friends and relatives. Many many thanks for this site.Happy Baisakhi!
Manojit Nag

This is a brilliant website which defines Baisakhi especially for the young kids to have a better understanding of the festival.

A wonderful site to showcase Punjabi tradition.
Gauttam Veer Kohli

Your site is a beautiful one and has really helped many people to know about the festival in depth. Keep doing the great job.

Great website! The information is very interesting as well as attractive. Keep it up.
Sonal is really an amazing site. It gives a comprehensive detail of the most colorful festival and its celebration. I am very happy that people like you are doing such a great job to keep Indian festivals alive. I have also referred this page to my friends and relatives. Thanks a lot.

A very colorful and vibrant website. Hope you keep creating such wonderful sites in near future.

Great site! You guys have done a commendable job. I am highly attracted towards the content of the website.

This site is very colorful and informative. Keep up this great resource.

I have specially come to India - Punjab from US to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi. I am very thankful to you guys as I got a lot of information on the vibrant festival of Baisakhi from your website. Keep it up!

Great job! Thanks for making people aware of such a wonderful festival.

This is awesome. Thank you for putting up such an informative site.
Miss J.M.

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