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Vaishakha in Bihar

Baisakhi Festival is celebrated as Vaishakha in Bihar with huge fanfare and gusto. People of Bihar celebrated Vaishakha twice a year, first in the Hindu month of Vaishakha (April) and then in the month of Kartika (November). Vaishakha Festival is dedicated to Surya Devta or Sun God in Bihar.

Vaishakha celebrations in Bihar are marked in a village called Surajpur-Baragaon. Following the ancient practice, devotees pay obeisance to the Sun God by taking bath in the temple tank and offering flowers and water from the sacred rivers of Ganga. It may be mentioned Surajpur-Baragaon lake has a temple in honor of Sun God and holds special importance for the people of Bihar, especially during Vaishakha celebrations and Chhat Puja or Sun Worship Festival.

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