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Baisakhi Cards

Baisakhi Cards serve as an extremely popular medium of exchanging greetings on the joyous occasion of Baisakhi Festival. Along with thoughtful gifts, people in Punjab exchange millions of Baisakhi Greeting cards to wish “Happy Baisakhi” to friends and dear ones. People strongly believe that exchanging Baisakhi Card helps to strengthen relationships and build lasting bonds. Besides, it has been noticed that importance of Baisakhi greeting card increases when one has to send Baisakhi wishes to friends and relatives staying away in different cities and countries.

Baisakhi Card Patterns and Designs

As Baisakhi is essentially a harvest festival, bountiful crops are usually depicted on the cards. Other very popular images used in Baisakhi Cards are Sikh men and performing bhangra - gidda in their traditional and colourful dress. Another significant aspect of Baisakhi, namely, the birth of Khalsa Panth is depicted through images of Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Nanak, Golden Temple at Amritsar besides other symbols of Sikh faith.

Baisakhi E-Cards

In this technology driven age of Internet, latest trend in cards is Baisakhi E-Cards. Electronic cards are giving tough competition to traditional paper Baisakhi cards as e-cards can be sent instantaneously for free through most e-card sites. Another significant factor for the popularity of Baisakhi E-cards is that these come in vibrant and humorous patters due to the wide use of Java and flash technology.

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Baisakhi Greeting Cards - Send warm ecards to all your loved ones and wish them a harvest of smiles in the New Year ahead.

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