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Baisakhi Gifts Traditions

There exists a strong tradition of gifting Baiskhi gifts to near and dear ones in the state of Punjab. Since Baisakhi is one the major festivals for Sikhs they go out of their way to greet their dear ones with best of Baisakhi gifts. Days before the festival gift lists for friends and relatives is dutifully prepared in most households to make sure that no one if left out. People believe that exchanging gifts on Baisakhi helps to strengthen relationships and develop stronger bonds of love.

Sending Baisakhi Gifts Online

Due to the fact that a lot many people from Punjab have migrated to foreign countries, there is a huge trend of sending Baisakhi gifts to relatives through online shopping sites. To cater to this huge demand, a large number of Baisakhi shopping sites provide plethora of gift options to the people. Many of them also provide the facility of worldwide delivery of Baisakhi Gifts making it extremely convenient for people to wish their dear ones.

Homemade Baisakhi Gifts

A lot many women in Punjab pamper their loved ones with homemade gifts like sweets especially, laddoos. Those who are skilled also gift embroidered table/bed covers, dresses or cushion covers. Homemade gifts are extremely appreciated because of the personal touch.

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