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Basic Beliefs of Sikhism

Formed in the 15th century, Sikhism is a monotheistic faith. Guru Nanak DevJi was the first preacher of this faith followed by nine other Sikh gurus, believed to be the messengers of God. The teachings of these gurus were compiled into a holy book called the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the eleventh guru ofSikhism, by the tenth guru of the religion.

Basic Beliefs of Sikhism: Sikhism beliefs in the existence of one God. As per the preachers and followers of Sikhism there is only one supreme power, IkOnkar, who takes care of all the people. The Sikh beliefsrevolve around the three prime principles of the religion. These include:

Tenets of the Sikh Faith:Sikhism propagates three main principles, as preached by the first Sikh sage, Guru Nanak DevJi. These tenets of the Sikh faithguide towards building bonds, work and peaceful life. They are:

  • NaamJapna: Sikhism beliefs that every person should wake up early in the morning in the Amrit Vela i.e; between 3am and 6am, to mediate and worship God.
  • Dharm Di KirtKarna:The Sikh belief propagates thatevery person should work hard with honesty to earn his living.
  • Wand Chhakna:Every person should share his wealth and whatever he/she has with the deprived and the needy.

Sikhism is said to have split out of Hinduism, due to its refusal to the caste system prevalent in Hinduism. Sikhism beliefs that all humans are equal and so are men and women. The basic beliefs of Sikhism include:

Top 10 beliefs of Sikhism:

  1. Existence of One God: Sikhism believes that there is only one supreme power, “IkOnkar”. It defies the existence of an anthropomorphic God and idol worship, rather interprets God as unfathomable, yet not mysterious.
  2. Prayer: Sikhism beliefs in the power of prayer and meditation. It emphasizes that every Sikh should recite the five prays at different parts of the day to stay connected with God the almighty.
  3. Equality: Sikhism disregards inequality. It beliefs that all humans are equal therefore no discrimination should be made on the basis of gender, class, race or sect.
  4. Service to God and Society: Sikhism beliefs that all its followers should live their lives on the aforementioned principles that include; Nam Japan, Kirt Karan and Wand Chakkna.
  5. Ethical Living: Sikhism beliefs in living an ethical lifefree of immoral acts like pride, lust, greed, anger and attachment and involved in worship and meditation of the almighty.
  6. Baptism:As per the Sikh belief every Sikh gets baptised in a ceremony performed by the “PanchPyare” at the Gurudwara Sahib. It is a very sacred and important part of Sikhism known as “Amrit”; after which a Sikh needs to follow a disciplined life as per the religious doctrine.
  7. Code of Conduct: As per the Sikh belief every Sikh needs to follow a code of conduct in their lifethat includes daily worship, truth, kindness, satisfaction and love.
  8. Five “Ks” of Sikh Faith: Every Sikh should wear the five articles of Sikh faith, as mentioned in the holy doctrine. These include; uncut hair, a wooden comb, a steel bracelet, a small sacred sword or dagger and shorts.
  9. Four Commandments: Every Sikh should follow the four commandments of the holy book including:
    • No use of alcohol, tobacco or any such intoxicating substance.
    • No cutting of hair
    • No consumption of sacrificial meat
    • No act of adultery should be performed
  10. Community Service: A Sikh should participate in community worship and service. Cooking, eating and serving food in group is considered as a noble deed.
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