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Baisakhi Fun

Baisakhi is a festival to have fun and engross oneself in variant activities. Baisakhi fun not only centers at a few activities but there are also plethora of options for people to celebrate the festival in the most joyous manner. Punjabis and Sikhs start preparing for Baisakhi celebration well in advance. Sikhs in Punjab and abroad celebrate the festival with full verve and enthusiasm. People shop for new clothes and accessories especially for Baisakhi day. Along with this preparation for bhangra - gidda performances as well as community shows also begin.

Baisakhi celebration includes lot of fun-filled activities. People send gifts and cards to their dear ones as a token of love. Children take keen interest in various competitions held in school and various clubs. People send special Baisakhi greetings, messages and SMS to wish a "Happy Baisakhi" to their loved ones. People simply love to spend the day with all those who bring happiness in their lives.

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